The purpose of companionship care is to offer company and friendship. Companions may help with certain household chores, such as laying out towels before a shower, but their primary purpose is to spend time with the patient. Grown children may want to hire companions to keep an eye on their aging parents, for example. Some of the services offered by companionship care include:

Light housekeeping, errands, appointments, shopping, meal preparation, medication reminders, and outings, Plus

  • Transportation

  • Reading a book aloud

  • Playing games

  • Accompanying the patient for a walk outside

  • Letter writing

  • Monitoring the home

  • Medication Reminders



Think of homemaking as an addition to companionship care. With a homemaker, patients will receive all the benefits of a companion-such as transportation-but with added bonuses. Homemaking extends to include tasks such as cooking, cleaning and even grocery shopping. Some of the services offered by homemaking include:

  • Laundry

  • Cooking

  • Taking out the garbage

  • Light housekeeping

  • Organization


Consists of all duties included with both our Homemaker and Companion services. It is for clients that need significant assistance with both managing and maintaining their household as well as assistance with personal hygiene needs. Duties include those for Companion and Homemaker, plus:

Personal care is also known as ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and must be performed by PCAs .

Caregiver assisting a member with daily acitvities

Medical Life Alert System

When seconds count, an Alert System can make a vital difference.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, getting help within one hour after a fall improves survival rate by more than 90%. • Even if you cannot speak or can’t be heard, the Response Center knows who you are and who to contact. When you enroll, a personalized file is created in our HIPAA compliant, secure database containing all critical information. This information is immediately displayed so that a trained operator can respond quickly to assist you.

Medical Dispenser

Being able to properly manage medications can be a deciding factor for seniors wishing to stay in their home. This device makes independent living possible by automating the pill-taking process. All you do is load the machine with single-dose cups of medication, and we’ll program it to sound a reminder and dispense the right medication at the right time.

The Care We Offer​

What type of care is right for you or your loved one? Give us a call. We’ll listen, come and visit, and deliver a detailed recommendation for a plan of care that meets your specific needs and works with your payment options.

Additional Services in our Network

As a valued member of the Modivcare family, you have access to a range of additional services to enhance your healthcare experience. This includes the option for non-emergency medical transportation through Modivcare and the use of remote patient monitoring devices through VRICares. For further details on these services, please refer to the information provided below.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

20% of a person’s health and well-being can be improved simply by access to care and quality services. This, seemingly, isn’t a complex task, but many people don’t have access to consistent, safe rides to healthcare appointments. That’s where we come in. No matter where or when the appointment is, Modivcare’s non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) helps tens of millions each year reach their care destination. We deliver access.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our remote patient monitoring platform provides solutions for emergency response, medication management and vitals monitoring that give members a health and safety piece of mind. It’s human-powered technology at its healthcare finest.

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